Can Money Buy Happiness: Argumentative Essay

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Can Money Buy Happiness: Argumentative Essay

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Ranging from your dream car, fashionable clothes to a big mansion in your dream city, many people believe that money is the key to their happiness. When tasked with writing a 'can money buy you happiness’ argumentative essay, many students succumb to fear as they are unsure of what to cover within the essay.

This article will address various tips for writing a persuasive essay on money and happiness and present a quality argument.

Approaches to writing a money and happiness essay

The key to a 'money can buy you happiness’ essay is mastering how to present your argument in a flowing manner that is easy for the audience to follow. Some unique approaches to this essay include:

The Toulmin Method

Here, it would help to start the first paragraph of your body with a claim that shows your stand on the topic. For instance, you may start by arguing that money cannot buy happiness.

Next, provide evidence from various case studies and your own experiences to support this argument. In our case, we may argue that many rich people are depressed and highlight how money can deny you happiness.

However, it is crucial to back your claims with facts from previous studies and publications to strengthen your argument. Next, show the reason as to why you support this topic and cover various loopholes that could result in criticism of your position.

The Rogerian Method

This method is more interactive and makes a two-way argument while showing why the counterargument is faulty. In this approach, you can discuss why people believe that money can buy happiness.

Next, highlight the reasons that invalidate this assumption and show how your argument holds in light of various evidence. Finally, cover potential criticisms of your perspective and potential limitations to your standpoint.

If you opt to argue that money can't buy happiness, this section should cover how money is required to sustain your day-to-day needs and how suffering may be caused by its lack thereof.

Steps for writing a 'You don't need money to be happy’ essay

1. Select your topic

Although a 'does money make you happy' essay is more specific than a happiness essay, it is broad and leaves much room for incomplete arguments. You can thus opt to specify further your thesis statement making for a better argument.

Some important happiness and money essay thesis ideas include:

  • Having enough money to meet basic needs is crucial for happiness
  • Money can help ensure career success and inspire happiness
  • You can manage to be happy even when struggling financially
  • Expensive purchases are not an accurate definition of happiness

These ideas are easier to structure and leave less room for criticism. Before you start writing, consult your tutor with your selected topic to determine if it's okay.

2. Research

While you can make multiple arguments off your mind, you require ample research to back your claims. Here, search for publications that are both for and against your argument. This will help gauge your standpoint and structure your essay while acknowledging various criticisms from existing work.

3. Outline

An outline is crucial for helping you structure your argument in an easy-to-follow manner. For this, organize the points you gathered when brainstorming and researching for your paper.

Next, separate these points into sections and place related ideas in close paragraphs. Finally, ensure that each section starts with a topic section and includes an argument that relates the sentence to your thesis statement.

4. Editing

After writing your final copy, gauge it for various structural and grammatical errors. For this, ensure that your paper is formatted as per the required style and ensure that your conclusion supports your thesis statement.

Also, consider checking the citations to ensure they are in the correct format, preventing loss of marks on minor details.

Final Take

Writing a "why can't money buy you happiness essay does not have to rob you of your joy. This guide should come in handy to guide your writing efforts and secure you a decent grade. If you still have a question, feel free to contact our experts for further assistance.