Guide on How to Write an Essay About What Makes Me Happy

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Guide on How to Write an Essay About What Makes Me Happy

When tasked with writing a happiness essay, many students are often overwhelmed by worry and frustration. This is partly due to the low limit of a 'what makes me happy essay.

With the freedom to select your discussion, many students find it hard to gauge the deliverables of the assignment compared to other research and academic papers. This guide will highlight the best tips for writing an essay on what makes you happy and the steps to follow for a quality paper.

Here is our advice on prepping a 'being happy essay without further ado.'

Steps for writing an essay on happiness

It is essential to follow a detailed procedure in a 'what makes you happy essay' for a comfortable writing experience like any academic paper. Some crucial steps for approaching this type of assignment include:

1. Brainstorm and research

Luckily, there are no restrictions on discussing what makes you happy in an essay. For some people, happiness is found in doing well in their fields. For others, it comes with the ability to amass wealth and meet the personal goals they've set.

It is critical to understand your drive and your definition of happiness. Like a research paper, writing on a topic that evokes your interest is crucial as it dictates your overall interest during your writing process.

Next, peruse some happiness essay samples and find out the key agendas to cover in the topic. Some of the significant issues you may discuss include:

  • The purpose of happiness.
  • Determining your source of happiness.
  • The benefits of being happy.
  • The hindrances to happiness.

2. Prepare an outline

Like a map for travel, an outline is critical to ensure that you don't veer off the main topic of discussion. Here, highlight the main points of your paper and organize the points to achieve a smooth flow of your paper.

A sample paper outline on a happiness essay may look like this:

I. Introduction

Hook: Describe my happiness. 

Transition to the thesis: Show how others within my field define their happiness.

Introduce your thesis

II. Body 

Paragraph one:

Topic sentence: Expound on the purpose of happiness in one's life.

Evidence: Story on the cases directly related to the presence or lack of happiness.

Paragraph two:

Topic sentence: How to determine your causes of happiness

Evidence: narrate how you identify the blissful engagements in your day-to-day activities

Paragraph three:

Topic sentence: Determining the hindrances to happiness

Evidence: A case study on the factors that limit your happiness.

3. Writing the introduction of happiness essay

Like any other essay, a happiness essay should start with a hook that resonates with your thesis statement. A great introduction should start with a question, a statement, or a fact that evokes curiosity in your audience.

You may also start your paper by narrating the events that evoke happiness in your day-to-day life. Start with the special events that highlight your day for an engaging paper.

Ideas for writing a 'how to live a happy life essay.'

Here are some ideas to help you decide on the topic to highlight when brainstorming for the content of your essay.

Personal: Here, you can talk about the feelings, emotions, and drive that define happiness for various people. For this, specify your study sample and outline a portion of their undertakings from which they gain happiness.

You might also highlight your happy moments and engage your reader in the process that inspires/ limits your happiness.

Success: For this, you may define your moments of victory and how they relate to your happiness. Also, try to determine if it's possible to have happiness without success or vice versa. Here, the thesis statement may be: Is happiness related to success?

Final Take

Writing an essay about what makes you happy does not have to cause you stress. While happiness is subjective, you must base your paper on a specific topic that makes you happy. These tips should come in handy to help you manage your essay writing process.