Smart Guide to Writing an Essay About Happiness

An essay about happiness is among the flexible school tasks that allow you to get creative, making it easy to meet the expected word count. However, with much freedom comes the challenge of gauging what is expected of you in the essay.

In a happiness essay, you should highlight your best moments and your definition of happiness. In this article, we have covered the main elements of a happiness essay to help you organize your ideas and prepare a decent paper.

Selecting your topic

Before you start writing, consider the instructions offered by your tutor and consider the allocated word count and the specified format. When selecting your topic, start by brainstorming to determine your highlights in life where you encountered happiness or suffered actions that limited you from becoming happy.

Here, you could consider ideas such as how career goals inspire happiness. However, ensure that your approach to the paper captivates your tutor and makes a connection they have never considered before.

Selecting a thesis statement to a ‘what is happiness essay

A thesis statement is a crucial part of your paper. This statement shows the central concept of your paper and is echoed in your introduction and conclusion.

It is critical to ensure that your thesis statement and your own opinion are disputable. Your thesis statement should be debatable while showing your paper’s main idea.

Some of the considerations of a good thesis statement are:

  • Choose a subject that may create controversy
  • Ensure that your paper can be covered while encapsulating the nature of the assignment
  • Limit your thesis statement to a single idea

Preferably, the thesis statement should narrow down to a specific idea to reduce the chances of veering off the purpose of your paper.

Happiness essay thesis examples

When writing an essay on what is real happiness, you could select the thesis:

  1. Academic success does not entirely dictate one’s happiness.
  2. Self-actualization is the basis of happiness in life.
  3. Richness is not a must for genuine happiness.
  4. You might achieve all you intend in life and still fail to be happy.
  5. Social media is a significant hindrance to real happiness.

These topics might warrant a debate and clearly shows that you intend to gauge happiness from an academic perspective. Like other papers, you should include a happiness essay thesis statement at the end of your introduction to ensure a smooth transition.


Although it dramatically allows for creativity, a ‘what does happiness mean to you’ essay requires a substantial amount of research. This research helps you structure your work and support various arguments about why your thesis statement is true.

For instance, when arguing that career achievement may not inspire true happiness, you may quote case studies and explain why this may happen. This helps you rid your argument of prejudices that often absorb students when writing an essay on happiness.


After writing your paper, take some time off before editing. This allows you to discover more errors and focus on your paper. Alternatively, engage a friend or delegate the proofreading phase to an expert, making time for other assignments.

Tips for writing a happiness thesis

When writing a happiness definition essay, some pointers should come in handy to help you better express your ideas. Some of these pointers include:

  1. Start with your body to understand your main argument better and finish with the introduction. Doing so will help you find catchy points to reiterate in your introduction and conclusion to grab your audience’s attention better.
  2. Each paragraph must have the topic statement, argument, and relation to the thesis statement. The topic statement should be a point that supports your thesis statement and the subsequent sentences explanations to the statement.
  3. Create an outline to organize your ideas and gauge the flow of your paper.
  4. Read the provided instructions to avoid exceeding the word count or veering off the topical question out of the emotions inspired by your topic.


A ‘what is happiness’ essay is among the regular tasks students often find challenging. However, adhering to these steps will help you manage your essay and score a decent grade. If you require further guidance, our team of experts will be more than willing to help.

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